Fall 2021 Information for Level 4 and 5 Students

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Dear Academic Challenge Students and Parents,

Welcome back from summer! Please read this entire post and view the linked documents since

it has been a long time since we have been together on campus and there is new information.

Student Course Schedules: Fall 2021 schedules were emailed to students on August 6, 2021. Level 4 & 5 DTCC English and Math classes will begin the week of August 29, 2021. Level 4 Calculus I & Level 5 Technical Writing will be held as online courses, which will open on Saturday, August 28th. Calculus I will have Zoom meetings at the designated class meeting times; Technical Writing will be asynchronous with no Zoom meetings. All the rest of the AC Level 4 & 5 Fall classes will meet in person on the day, time, and place designated on the Student Course Schedule. See the Student Course Schedule attachment for detailed information. All classes will be held either in the Carter Partnership Center or in the Theater in the Arts and Sciences Center. Download the Delaware Tech Owens Campus Map.

Level 4 Math & English students: Students enrolled in both Math & English may have a challenge making both class meetings on Tuesdays since only English is being held on campus. Students will have 40 minutes between the end of the morning math class Zoom to get to campus for their in-person English class. Students taking morning English will have 40 minutes to get from Delaware Tech to a location for their afternoon math Zoom. If a student needs a place to Zoom on campus for either the morning or afternoon math class because travel times are too difficult, please let us know in the AC office (academic-challenge@dtcc.edu).

Textbook Distribution: All Level 4 & 5 course textbooks for in-person classes will be distributed at the first class meeting. Students taking Calculus I should come by the AC office Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to pick up their textbook and access card for WebAssign starting the week of August 30th. If traveling to campus to pick up the textbook is impossible, you may have a friend pick up your textbook or contact the AC office (academic-challenge@dtcc.edu) to make other arrangements. Level 5 Technical Writing does not have a textbook.

Virtual Support: Remember that Delaware Tech has an online support center with access to both writing and math resources at www.dtcc.edu/virtual/support. This support will be available online throughout the semester. Also, be sure to communicate directly with your instructor or professor if you find yourself struggling with your coursework. They want to help!