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Level 4 Spring Course Registration

Do NOT register directly with Delaware Tech.

To find your ID number, go to                       , select the Student Information System tab and click on the My Student Profile button. Your ID number is at the top, after your name.

ENG 122 203: Technical Writing and Communication, W 11:30am-2:20pm, CPC 562 (E. Zambori)

English Classes

If you will be taking English, please check one (1) of the following:

Math Classes

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Provide an email that you will check regularly.  All AC communication including class information, reminders, and future registration notifications will go to this address.

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ENG 129 201: Creative Writing, W 1:00pm-3:50pm, JTC 166 (J. Morley)

ENG 129 202: Creative Writing, M 8:00am-10:50pm, CPC 535C (M. Blaine)

MAT 282 201: Calculus II, W 8:30am-10:50pm, JTC 155  & M 6:00pm-8:20pm, Zoom (C. Corraliza)

MAT 251 201: Finite Math, T 8:00am-10:50am, JTC 148 (M. Nauman)

ENG 122 201: Technical Writing and Communication, T 11:30am-2:20pmRoom TBA (A. Hughes)

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