Level 4-5 Fall 2020 Information

Dear Academic Challenge Students and Parents,

Welcome back from summer! Please read this entire email and look at the attachments, since "coming back" this year is different from years past.

Student Course Schedules: As you know, all Academic Challenge classes, Level 1-5, will be held online this Fall. On the attached Student Course Schedule, your course title, instructor, class meeting time, and instructor email address are indicated. All Level 4 DTCC English and Math classes will begin on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Level 4 & 5 DTCC and UD English and Math classes will begin the week of Monday, August 31, 2020, except for Level 5 UD Intro to Drama with Dr. Keegan which will begin on Monday, September 7, 2020 (Labor Day). See the Student Course Schedule attachment for detailed information.

Textbook Distribution: We have scheduled four dates for curbside textbook pick up at Delaware Tech. All Level 4 students, English and/or math, should pick up textbooks on the last two dates, August 20 or 26, 2020. Level 5 English students may pick up their textbooks at any of the four dates. Level 5 math Calc III and Statistics I students will be using online textbooks this semester and do not need to pick up a physical textbook. See the Textbook Distribution attachment for the detailed schedule and location.

Attendance Expectations for online meetings: All Level 4 & 5 Delaware Tech and University of Delaware classes will have an online Zoom meeting component unless otherwise specified by the instructor or professor. Students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. However, we understand that there will be conflicts. If a student cannot attend the scheduled meeting, the student should email the instructor or professor to explain why he or she cannot attend. All students should log in to D2L (DTCC classes) and/or Canvas (UD classes) starting the week of August 24th to look for communication from their instructor or professor about the start of classes and Zoom meeting requirements.

Virtual Support: Although we are all now experienced with taking classes online, remember that Delaware Tech has an online support center with access to both writing and math resources at https://www.dtcc.edu/virtual/support. This support will be available online throughout the semester. Also, be sure to communicate directly with your instructor or professor if you find yourself struggling with your coursework. They want to help!

Communication: The Academic Challenge office will continue to communicate with students and parents through the email addresses at which you have received this email. If you would like to add to or change an email address in our records, email