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Level 1 Summer Reading Book Chat Sessions

English students should be working on their Level 1 Summer Reading homework assignment, which is posted at our website:

We will hold three Summer Reading Book Chat sessions via Zoom. These meetings are optional. For the first two sessions, students may drop in and ask questions about the books, the assignment, how to prepare for the first day quizzes and any Academic Challenge questions they have. On the third session, students should come to the meeting prepared to participate in activities and discuss all three books and the film with their peers.

The Summer Reading Book Chat sessions will be held on Monday afternoons from 4:00-5:00 p.m. on

July 13: Mrs. Emery

July 27: Mrs. Emery

August 10: Mrs. Emery

Zoom Meeting Information:

When entering the Zoom meeting, please click on the Chat feature and enter your name for the purpose of recording attendance. Students are welcome to attend as many sessions as they like.

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