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New Student Registration Form

 Student Information


Ethnicity/Race (Check all that apply)

An email or cell number MUST be provided for account activation and password reset links. You may use a parent email or cell number, but you will need to forward the link to your student if they need to reset their password on a Tuesday. We suggest a parent email or cell number for Contact 1 and a student email address for Contact 2. Please do not use a student's school issued email address due to difficulty delivering to those addresses.

Guardian Information

Delaware Tech Account Activation and Password Reset

Academic Challenge Course Information

School District

School Building


Home School Information for the 2024-2025 School Year

I agree to the transfer of academic information between the home school and the Academic Challenge Program. I understand that Level 1 – 3 students will be transported between the home school and Delaware Tech by Academic Challenge buses. In the event of bus difficulties or missed connections, I authorize a home school or Delaware Tech representative to transport my child.

Parent Signature: 

 Approval to Enroll

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