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New Student Registration Form

 Student Information

Ethnicity/Race (Check all that apply)

An email or cell number MUST be provided for account activation and password reset links. You may use a parent email or cell number, but you will need to forward the link to your student if they need to reset their password on a Tuesday. Please do not use a student's school issued email address due to difficulty delivering to those addresses.

Guardian Information

Delaware Tech Account Activation and Password Reset


I agree to the transfer of academic information between the home school and the Academic Challenge Program. I understand that Level 1 – 3 students will be transported between the home school and Delaware Tech by Academic Challenge buses. In the event of bus difficulties or missed connections, I authorize a home school or Delaware Tech representative to transport my child.

Parent Signature:   _______________________________________________

 Approval to Enroll


Academic Challenge Course Information

Home School Information

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